Excess Deaths: Unintended Consequence or All a Part of the Plan?

Underlying Assumptions

For most of us living in the Western World, the belief that our governments are here to serve and protect us is the prevailing view. Over the years, as law after law has been passed to “protect” us in exchange for relinquishing some small measure of our basic human rights, the argument has been made that there is hard data to support the notions that lives will be saved with the passage of each law.

The Only Measure That Counts

With each new law passed, our leaders have consistently presented us with two universally agreed-upon arguments:

1. There are people dying due to this behavior, and

2. We need a new law to reduce this behavior and save lives.

When sufficient data to support their cause is lacking, the “even one unnecessary death (due to an individual’s poor choice) is too many” argument has been used.

You Don’t Have the “Right” to Drive Drunk

The random nature of the deaths caused by drinking and driving has provided numerous instances of young lives being cut short. The sheer tragedy of young lives lost to individuals free to make bad choices touched us all.